Our Instructors

Jennifer Tefft

All Music Together classes are currently led and facilitated by Registered Music Together teacher and Licensed Center Director & Franklin Music, Movement & Mindfulness owner, Jennifer Tefft. Jennifer is a long time, award-winning musician, writer, singer and performer. She received a Bachelor's degree in Music and English at the College of the Holy Cross in Worcester. She has released 5 albums or original music on her own label Gypsy Spin Music.   Many of her songs have been heard on National TV shows. She is also the mom of two crazy kids, both of whom attended several years of Music Together classes when they were younger. It was during those classes that Jennifer fell in love with the program and began thinking about teaching classes herself. She is passionate about music and the development of children and strives to create a fun, informal, social setting that spurs engagement and supports each child's musical development.

Stephanie McBride

Stephanie has been connecting people with lost loved ones for over 15 years.  The experience is always very personal, special and unique to each individual.  She has a unique ability of bringing peace and comfort to those left behind and to those who have moved on.   Understanding loss and grief is one of the ways Stephanie is able to connect and help you with your process. Bringing peace and understanding to those that are here and those that are no longer with us is the goal.

Amber Cook

Amber is a Certified 200 RYT completed through Elements3 Framingham Ma. She has been a student of the practice for four years and fell in love with the various forms of Hatha Yoga immediately. She was drawn to yoga after suffering a life altering injury where she found solace through movement and breath. Inspired by the benefits both physically and mentally, she decided to get Certified and spread the gift of Yoga. For Amber, Yoga is much more than just the asana practice. She enjoys the teachings of
Hatha Yoga, Kirtan, and Karma work. Amber grew up with 7 brothers and a sister. These days she’s busy teaching Yoga and playing with her fur-baby Hayla. Hayla has the energy of all 7 brothers combined but seems to love Yoga as much as her mom. Her favorite poses seem to be Downward Dog and setting up for Savasana. Amber and Hayla live in Milford MA.
Amber teaches privates and group classes currently at Elements3, Bacon Free Library and private events. She is excited to be joining Franklin Music and Mindfulness and will be teaching Vinyasa Flow to adults and a variety of practices to teens so that they can connect to what Yoga really means and find their
favorite to truly benefit from the effects of Yoga.

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